Troubleshooting Mails going to spam.

Troubleshooting Tips for Mails going to spam.
a. make sure your sender domain is registered with major email providers (like yahoo, hotmail, gmail etc)
Then get a list of people who are receiving your emails tagged as spam.
  1. Make a separate mailing list of these users only.
  2. Send the same email to them that was tagged as spam, but this is the way you will do it.
  3. Send it without a body, but only Subject intact – check if it goes to spam.
  4. Keep repeating this exercise by adding one paragraph at a time and keep sending the email.
  5. At one-point in time, the email will go into spam and the last paragraph you added is probably suspect.
  6. Don’t stop. Remove the paragraph and keep adding the remaining paragraphs until you have finished the entire body. There could be multiple paragraphs.
  7. This will for sure highlight where the area of spam tagging lies and then you can work on that.
  8. To be 100% sure it is that specific paragraph, send the email again with only the suspect paragraph and it should be tagged as spam. In this test, you will know beyond a reasonable doubt – that it is the suspect paragraph that is causing this.
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