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Internet Explorer in Mac

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Need IE on mac ? Use winebottler . It installs Wine and provides options to install IE6 and IE7. Totally Sweet !!

Restore My Active Desktop

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

This evil problem could have an easy solution

1. Right click desktop , select properties

2. goto Desktop tab, select ‘customize Desktop’

3. goto Web tab, uncheck ‘My Current Home Page’, then click ‘Properties’  and uncheck ‘Make this page available offline’


Got spare pcs or linux boxes ? build your own supercomputer

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

From the Tips Box: International Gmail Calls, Standing Desks, and Dropbox Drives

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Manage Dropbox as a Virtual Drive

There is subst.exe utility in windows which creates virtual drives of paths associated with them.

You need to make a cmd or bat file with the these 2 lines:

subst /d X:
subst X: “C:\Users\[user]\Documents\My Dropbox”

and put the file in your startup folder (“Start”- type “shell:startup” in the search field) as the command file mounts the folder into a virtual drive. The first line deletes a substituted virtual drive. Youll see a drive X: in this case in My Computer which has Dropbox folders. Thanks to this thread.

Note: the command shown will work on Windows 7, for Windows XP the command has to be “C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\My Documents\My Dropbox”

via From the Tips Box: International Gmail Calls, Standing Desks, and Dropbox Drives.

Fantastic Video Processing Software

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

VirtualDub is a video capture/processing utility for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms (98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7), licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It lacks the editing power of a general-purpose editor such as Adobe Premiere, but is streamlined for fast linear operations over video. It has batch-processing capabilities for processing large numbers of files and can be extended with third-party video filters. VirtualDub is mainly geared toward processing AVI files, although it can read (not write) MPEG-1 and also handle sets of BMP images.

Duplicate File Cleaner

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Found this excellent free software to find duplicate files on the computer and delete them.
* Find Duplicate Files by content
* Cleaner hard drives means faster performance
* Fast Scanning and accurate duplicate comparison (Uses the MD5 Hash algorithm)
* Deep scans music – locate duplicate music formats (MP3, iTunes, etc)
* Flexible search parameters
* Intelligent Selection Assistant
* Search home or networked drives
* Search multiple locations
* Export / Import results in CSV format
* View Path,Size and Date of files
* Large, resizable list window
* Image preview window
* Delete duplicate files to the Recycle bin
* Move duplicate files to a new location
* Turn duplicate file into hard links (NTFS file systems only)
* Protection for Windows and system files
* Supports multiple languages
* No Spyware,Adware or any other rubbish
* Free!

Microsoft Windows Registry Cleaner

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Little Registry Cleaner is an open source tool for fixing microsoft registry.

Security Error for Activex controls

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Trying to get Activex controls in webpage to perform anything can result in a security error like below.

to Fix this try
1. Add the webhost to Trusted Sites in IE
2. Run the following command in command prompt
caspol.exe -quiet -machine -chggroup Trusted_Zone FullTrust

*caspol.exe is located in c:\windows\Microsoft.NET\framework\v2.0.50727
basically in any .net version 2

Wake On Lan Utility

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Was looking for a simple wake on lan utility that I could use to power on a particular machine.
WOL.exe from  is simple and straight forward and no installation required.
Just get the mac address of the target system network card and enable Wake On Lan via the Bios.
then run wol from commandline