There’s plenty of info on Salsa.. So i’ll keep this page for the mysteries and secrets that are often not shared by the Learned one’s.

Veritas vos liberabit

1. Forget the routines.

You go for classes, and you are taught a new routine every time. Then you may or may not practice after class and put your grey matter into overdrive trying to remember what it was in the middle of the dance floor with that stupid look on your face.

Take my word for it, there is no point trying to force yourself to remember them. Split each routine into individual moves and try some of them. That’s all you need. Repeat them as often as possible with different partners and soon you’ll be able to dance without having to think.

2. There are no Mistakes

Often you make an error in some move or you don’t lead properly or you do one of the thousands of things that might be considered a mistake. But if you acknowledge it, your face and body make it visible to the people watching. So try to think of every move you make as something you planned to do and nobody will be any wiser. People will think you are a great dancer and your partner will also feel comfortable and would seek you out again.

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